Power starts at the local level

Here is an oped I wrote with John Theis of LSC-Kingwood.

While we lament the decline of civil discourse and participation in civic life, we often overlook how we can reverse these trends by focusing on what happens in our own backyard. If we can improve the quality of our discourse and increase our levels of meaningful participation, then positive political change will result. The improvements will not happen overnight nor will they happen on a grand scale, but they can occur if we shift our gaze to ourselves and our local communities. There is no need to let the polarization and partisan bickering in Washington deter us from making meaningful change and elevating our discourse at the local level.


Politicizing education through race

Our education system will be made worse through a needless political and legal ploy. In this article I continue my argument about what’s wrong with single-member voting districts for LSCS.

During last month’s meeting I made the argument that single-member districts make governing more contentious and open to corruption. In this article I show what’s wrong with the principle of the shift.


What is a conservative and why?

Without natural limits, democratic government is nothing more than a relativistic anarchy cloaked in the misappropriated rhetoric of liberty and equality.

Read this article for a further argument as to why a recognition of limits is necessary for political success.

– See more at: http://texasgopvote.com/issues/grow-economy/what-we-need-victory-2014-and-beyond-part-ii-005789#sthash.T8x9uPdc.dpuf